Dog Owners Liability for Bites and Other Injuries

Have you thought about contacting criminal lawyers Barrie when you are facing a liability charge over a dog bite? Despite what you might think, dog bites are serious and dog owners can get into trouble also. There are new laws especially since a lot of pet owners allow their dangerous dogs to run around wild and not take any precautions. Of course, it’s not just the typical dangerous type dogs that bite or cause injury; little dogs can cause injury too. However, knowing your liability will prove crucial.

Owners Have Responsibilities – Even When In Their Own Properties

There is liability for any dog owner when someone is bitten or hurt on their property. Now, while someone might be visiting your property and choose to visit you on their own accord, that doesn’t mean to say they can be hurt by your pet. While it might be an unintentional accident or your part, that doesn’t reduce your liability. Dogs who bite can leave lasting injuries and it’s the dog’s owner who is liable for those injuries. Some costs might be covered in home owner’s insurance however. You might have to talk to lawyers in Barrie for more information about lawsuits as a result of a dog bite.

Negligence Will Lead To Pain and Suffering Costs

Dog owners are truly liable for pain and suffering as well as medical costs and any other damages done by the dog. What is more, if the dog bite has resulted in the victim being off from work legitimately for several days, the owner is liable for those expenses also. Dog owners really do have a lot of liability when their dog bites or does damage to another, even if the damage is done to a property. If you are out in a park and the dog isn’t leashed when it’s supposed to be then there is negligence on your part. What is more, if the dog is known to bite strangers and there’s no muzzle it’s negligence once again. Criminal lawyers Barrie might be able to help you during a dog bite case. More explained in this post:

Knowledge Is Power

Let’s say you are a pet owner and you know your dog has a tendency to bite or be aggressive towards other animals or strangers, that’s a warning to you! You are on notice technically about the behaviour of the dog so in a sense you are liable even when the dog unintentionally hurts someone. There is a one bite rule in many areas today. What is more, if you know your dog has bitten another animal or person before and you don’t take even more precautions with others now it could lead to disaster. That’s why you have to be careful. Lawyers in Barrie can help but only so much. Understanding the local and federal laws where you reside will prove very useful should you face a lawsuit because of a dog bite.

Know Your Liability

Dog bites are nasty and very unpleasant and for most dog owners they are liable for what their dogs does. Now, if the animal is hit before it lashes out that might be a slightly different matter but it’s a rare thing to occur. It really would be very important to have a fair idea as to your liability when it comes to your pet. It would also be useful if you researched or took measured to keep your animal and other people safe. Criminal lawyers Barrie might be needed if you don’t control your pet.